“David Michael Wright is a UK Artist and Illustrator who creates Imaginative and Monsterous visions of the Dark, Fantastic, Surreal, and Nightmaresque.”


All commission enquiries both commercial and private are welcome.

Please feel free to contact me at: davidmichaelwright@hotmail.co.uk


I live and work from home in Royston, a small ex-mining village situated in the borough of Barnsley, in Yorkshire, England.

Creative pursuits have been, at core, the main driving force of my life since as far back as I can remember (which is probably potato, and hand printing, back at pre-school).  I always remember feeling more comfortable, confident, engaged, and 'at home' when presented with creative challenges at school - give me a pile of sticks, a bit of string, a lump of clay, and tell me to make a space rocket, and I'm in my element.  

I pursued art right through school and afterword on to college and university, gradually clarifying for myself along that formal pathway the direction that would best fit my skills and sensibilities as a profession, 

I've always been drawn toward genres that allow me to apply my Imagination,  I love the creative process; I love making a tangible reality of something that previously only existed as an idea, or an emotion, and expressing it - Realising it.   I love surprising myself (and others).  I love making something out of nothing - I think there's a real power and magic in that, and I find it very satisfying,

Born in 1979, I grew up in the 1980's, and so many of my early influences can be traced back to that decade.  The cartoons, movies, music, attitudes, and aesthetics of that time have without doubt all gone into my personal 'melting pot'.  Hand painted movie art, the cinema, the works of Clive Barker, Graham Humphreys, H.R. Giger, and Drew Struzan have had a profound and marked influence on me; as have those of countless others - writers, directors, and creative people past and present.  They are a constant wellspring of inspiration and I am in their debt.

I became a freelance illustrator when I left college back in 2002, and it's been a very challenging endeavor to date which has given me the opportunity to apply my abilities, and to continue to learn, build, explore, and refine my skills year after year.  I've have had the great privilege of working with some wonderful people on some fantastic projects, and I look forward to working on more in the future.


I work predominantly in water based traditional media (Acrylic, Inks, Gouache etc), which are applied using various tools techniques and combinations to suit the nature of the subject matter being addressed. The artwork is then scanned into the computer, where it is colour corrected, and any necessary digital adjustments or enhancements made, before a final print ready digital file is delivered to the client.


University of Leeds – Bachelor of arts hon’s degree in fine art
Barnsley College – GNVQ Advanced level in Art & Design.

Professional Experience

RPG Card Artwork
RPG Interior Artwork (Pen & ink, Pencil, Greyscale, & Full Colour) Vignettes, ¼ & half page illustrations.
RPG Concept design
CD Cover Art
Logo Design
Large scale Mural Art. (Airbrush + Traditional)
Custom Guitar Artwork
Miniature Design
Floorplan Design & Illustration
Shop Signs
Promotional Art (Leaflets, Stickers, Posters)

Previous Clients

Vagrant Workshop (Koln, Germany)
Moon Design Publications (Michigan, USA)
D101 Games (Manchester, UK)
Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd (Oxford, UK) 
Fantasy Flight Games (Minnesota, USA)
Alderac Entertainment Group (California, USA)
Redbrick (Auckland, New Zealand)
Lucidsphere Media (Mount Shasta, California, USA)
Crunch-Waffle Enterprises (Houston, Texas, USA)
Wargames Foundry (Nottingham, UK)
Stringstocks Music (Yorkshire, UK) 
The Ripped Skatepark (Dewsbury, UK)
Pen & Sword Publishing (Barnsley UK)
Lacewood Primary School (UK)